Development grantsINVEST IN GERMANY

Development grants

Foreign investors are welcome in Germany! They may apply for a grant of EUR 3,000 provided by the state North Rhine Westphalia to cover a part of the foundation expenses. The grant does not depend on the size of the company or the area of its business.

The European and the German federal or regional government support investments in new or existing businesses, irrespective of whether the investor is a European citizen or not. There are a number of options available, and depending on the size of the company a grant can cover up to 50 percent of the overall initial investment.

Assistance may be given in the form of subsidies, loans at concessionary rates of interest, equity investments, and provision of venture capital, tax benefits or business support services.

Investments which may attract support include

  • setting up, expansion, reorganization, acquisition, rationalization or modernization of a manufacturing facility and in this context the purchase of second-hand movable fixed assets
  • purchase or construction of buildings
  • acquisition or manufacture of new movable fixed assets
  • renewable energy sources, such as biomass, biogas, geothermal and hydroelectric power plants
  • research, development and launch of innovations, e.g. energy, technology, transport
  • environmental protection, e.g. air, noise, water or waste and energy saving
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